Maisha Yangu

Braeburn and Maisha Yangu Children coming together to show what a wonderful world unity brings.

Parental Responsibility

Children are the most precious gifts God granted to mankind. We all were once children hence we were gift’s to our parents, we still are. Raising a child in an appropriate way is therefore a responsibility and a way of accepting this gift God bestowed upon us. 

The circumstances in the world today may not make it easy to bring up a good child with all the desirable societal traits but it is not impossible either. We just need priorities and commitment. The infleunces surrounding us, most of them negative may make it very hard to control a child to the path of proper conduct and moral uprightness. Holding off these negative influences is one of the avenues we need to protect our children.

Happy Children

All religions have a standard way of ensuring the child tows the right path therefore ensuring that children and firmly rooted in this will go a long way in shaping their morality. There is always sanity in believing in something thus make your child believe this.  

It is normal that a child may pick negative behaviors like usage of drugs from parents. It is even worse in other causes of depressions such as when domestic abuse and child labour drives the child to alcohol and other drugs just to aid them cope with the situation. 

This is hence a cry for parents to be as responsible for their children as possible and to protect them from negative influences the society may offer. Children are the reflection of us out there therefore what they do shows a lot in us. Let us take up this as a challenge and give our chldren something more than education; good upbringing. 

Daniel Wasonga

Join us at the Dagoretti CDF Community Hall for the first show this year. The children have put their all in this. 

Join us at the Dagoretti CDF Community Hall for the first show this year. The children have put their all in this. 

Voices of Hope

I am Mercy Wanjiru, 18 years old. I live in Kawangware. My hobbies are travelling, reading novels and making friends. Kawangware is a challenging place to live in those who are not careful. There is peer pressure, poverty, poor schooling and mostly drug abuse. Many vices are there that allow children to acquire vices.  Many children are raised by single parents. My passion is to be a successful journalist in future in order to reveal these vices and build a better society. Basically I joined Community Organization Development Initiative (CODI) to learn more on how to improve our society. My role in the play is a drunkard woman who isn’t even capable of feeding her own child. This reflects that indeed poverty is the main cause to our future destruction. If many children are educated and awareness is created, we will have a bright future not only for Kawangware but for Kenya at large. I would encourage parents to be role models to their children.

Voices of Hope

My names are Albright Agevi. I am nine years old. I live in Dagoretti  Distict. I like playing football to drama. I act like a child and my mother is called Mama Pima. My school is called Dagoretti Muslim. When I grow up I want to buy a car. I will take care of children abuse and I like swimming. What I like is making noise and laughing and I want to take care of my body. I like going to school.

I am Francis Oduor aged 18 years old, still a student at Lavington High  school but I stay in Kawangware, in a humble village called Gatina where I face a lot of challenges. One thing I hate in my life is peer  pressure. By experience, five years ago I was insisted by my peers when they told me to leave my parents so that we could start our own life. I  was totally confused by the things we used to do but little did I know  that the worst was on my side because I spent my time for 3 years  without going to school, but I thank God that now I stay with my parents  and I have not caused problems because I have learnt a lot. I like reading novels and I would like to be a council elder so that I get the opportunity to council the youth in Gatina what I have experience and what I have benefited in CODI (Community Organization Development Initiative). The thing I hate in Kawangware is the way youths are behaving as if they have given up on their life and that is why they use drugs. I am working hard so that I achieve my goals. 

Voices of Hope

My name is Esther Anyangi. I am 13 years old. Much more which I like to distribute is the things I don’t like are: To be someone who is a thief, someone who does not follow his parents or his teacher’s instructions especially in doing work. I like participating in acting because it ensures that I am normal as I am. In Kawangware I like much more those people who are serious with their work, because nobody can work for someone, especially those people with special needs. In acting the part which I participate is in school pupils who are making noise. I don’t like those people who labor children because of money. Labor is normally those people who don’t have parents or any other problem. I joined CODI to learn more. Forgive me those I wrote wrongly. Thanks

Voices of Hope

My name is Yvonne Agevi. I am 17 years old. I live in Kawangware and I go to Lavington mixed secondary School. This is my third year in high school and I thank God for taking me this far. I like acting, dancing and swimming. My hobbies are sleeping and making new friends. I would like to be an actress when I progress in this project, this is my dream. I will do anything to be perfect in acting so that I will be looked at as a lady who has got potential in society. What I like about this drama project is that it has helped me to know that I have come from nobody to somebody. I have confidence that when I progress I will help those in society who have talents but don’t know how to use them. Kawangware is in Nairobi. It is 50 km outside the city. What I like about Kawangware is that food is sold everywhere and the foods are ready (you know what I mean), like ‘mtura’ and ‘ngwashe’. The place has very many people that you can easily make friends with. Although the place is good, there are things that are going on here like illegal selling of liquor and drugs which affect the youth most because they are idle and unemployed. This makes them involved in crime so that they can get money to buy drugs or liquor. Others end up in jail or killed. Others lack supervision from parents and close relatives, that is why they end up in such behavior.

“"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." Albert Einstein.”
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